K-L-M Elevator Project

4/17/2020 The M building repairs are now completed!!!
4/3/2020 The M building elevator repair start date is Monday, April 6. This project is identical to the L building project, so a 2 week time frame for completion is expected.

4/3/2020 The project is completed today!!!!!
3/27/2020 Report from elevator crew: "They will not be finished with L until towards end of next week. I will be able to give you a more approximate start date for M when they get closer to finishing up.Upon beginning this job, they did notice additional concrete work needed which is taking them longer than anticipated. We will just be covering this under our original proposal without a change order. I just wanted you to be aware since they will need an extra couple of days."
3/24/2020 Elevator crew yesterday measured old sills. The crew (2) is onsite today to remove the old sills, etc.
Work should be complete in approximately 6 days.

The elevator mechanic is planning to be onsite this Friday to do a light cleaning of the rails, etc. along with painting the machine room door and header. Within the next few weeks a painter will be on site to paint the elevator hoistway.  
THE ELEVATION PASSED THE STATE INSPECTION THIS MORNING!!! The elevator is now in service. Elevator pads are hanging from the side walls of the cab while a construction project is in progress for a unit in K building.
The elevator cab floor was installed on Wednesday. The punch list is being worked on. The emergency phone needed work. The door to the machine room needs to be replaced. Last minute punch work will continue on Monday in time for the Tuesday, May 12 state elevator inspection. Fire Protection Services will meet the elevator inspector on Tuesday to test the phones. The sump pump will be inspected and then the rest of the elevator and machine room. 
The elevator floor will be installed next. The punch list, cleaning, and inspection will take place. The May 12 inspection date is on schedule. Elevators are now being inspected in Maryland instead of waiting for the state emergency to be lifted! 
Parts of the cab have been installed in the elevator. The laminate panels are "Harbour Island blue" which replaces the former wood look. The lower metal panels are similar to a small fish scale look. The glass window needs to be installed. Royal Plus is on site today to work on the electric.
All of the cab parts arrived this week. The cab construction is rescheduled to Monday.
"It might also be important to inform the residents that all acceptance inspections in MD are shut down until the "lock-down" is removed. If Delaware were 100% complete today, we would not be able to schedule a final inspection through the State until this lock-down is over. They do not consider condominiums as essential, I have tried." 
"The last two weeks consisted of us cutting all the new fixture boxes in last week. This week we installed the new towers system around the existing door bucks which took a lot of concrete removal to fit correctly. We've began installing the retained doors yesterday but stopped to make and paint reinforcement plates for the bottoms of the doors.  Next week we plan to install the plates and finish putting the doors up. After that we have a day of running conduit and wiring in the hoist way. We have the cab coming the beginning of the week and will be removing the old material from site the same day.  We look to be building the cab the end of next week. The following week will be car wiring, start up and finishing loose ends.  If everything goes well with the installation of the cab then the week of the 27th we plan to have an adjustor onsite to final adjust and generate the punch list.  Royale plus electric will be working on Fridays to complete the pit and machine room work.   I will call for a final inspection sometime around the week of the 11th of May."  
The job supervisor reports that the "controller, pump unit, car frame, platform, roller guides are all 100% complete.  In the next 2 weeks the new door equipment, sills, angles, hoistway duct and wiring  will be complete."   
Delaware Elevator announced that the project is ahead of schedule!
Update from Delaware Elevator: So far demo is 100% complete, the new jack is set, running on construction mode, and the sling has been built. The project also continues to remain on schedule. Our crew’s schedules thus far have not been effected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Should anything change, we will certainly notify all.
The hydraulic cylinder has been replaced. Work is now being done in the elevator machine room.
An owner asked why workers are not working on the new elevator daily. Here is the information that was gathered from those involved with the project.
•The contract with Delaware does not stipulate days of the week to complete the project. The signed contract focuses on the completion date of May 1, 2020.
•Delaware’s crews often work 10-12 hours a day so they are usually not onsite 5 days per week.
•Due to the amount of elevator/renovation projects going on right before the summer season, the technicians have to work very rigorous schedules to meet the demand. Due to this, Delaware does have a flexible schedule, a lot of these crews are working multiple jobs at once, and the team of managers, supervisors, etc. go by all of the jobs in the area and ensure the quality of the craftsmanship, as well as that they are adhering to our agreed upon schedule. The job is moving along as it should be.
*The 3rd party company will inspect billing and arrival of supplies on Monday.
Message from the field superintendent: "After this weekend we will have the majority of demo complete and ready for installation of the Jack, piping,  controller,  and conduit.  We plan to delivery new jack, controller , sling " car frame " ,  platform,  all associated piping next week and ready for install. " The field superintendent plans to send an update every 2 weeks.
All demolition for the K elevator should be wrapped up by this Saturday, and Delaware Elevator should start installing new equipment promptly. The superintendent and project manager are Jose Carrasco and Clayton Bennett.  Please contact resident manager Gene Brewis for any concerns.
K building elevator demolition began yesterday. Workers were on-site yesterday and today. Harbour Island will not need to pay for the monthly maintenance agreement during construction and will have a year of no charge maintenance inspections when the elevator project is completed for K building.  
Delaware Elevator contacted the condo board today to say that an elevator crew became available to begin our K building project on February 14 if Harbour Island is willing to agree to a last minute start date. Harbour Island jumped at the chance which means that owners received a last minute start date notice. Demolition begins for the K building elevator cab on Friday, February 14th. Yes, it will be inconvenient for K building owners. However, the condo board hopes that the K building owners will appreciate the new cab that has been selected for their building.
ELEVATOR NEWS: Contracts have been signed and the deposit paid to Delaware Elevator to modernize the K elevator and to replace the sills, sill angles, sill angle brackets, door hardware, and door gibs in L and M elevators. K will receive a new cab to replace the rusting cab. Parts have been ordered for all three elevator jobs. 
K building owners will be notified as soon as parts arrive and it is time to shut down the elevator. The project is being supervised by a 3rd party elevator company (Liberty Elevator) with assistance from Mann Properties.